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About the festival

At the beginning of the festival Baraban there was an idea to make a festival, where choirs and music groups interpreting the ethnic music would perform. Because the "ethnic music", or if you like the "world music", is a wide term, the visitors of the festival have the posibility to hear melodies from different time periods, of different genres and different nations, such as medieval music, folk songs from the Balkans, France, Scandinavia, or from America. You can also enjoy the pure Jazz or own pieces finding the inspiration by other nations and ethnic groups.
The 1st Baraban Etnofest took place in Cvikov (North Bohemia) on 26 April 2008. There were 12 music groups from the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland participating on the festival. All day long there were performances on the open air stage in the park in front of the House of Culture as well as on the stage in the hall in the House of Culture. In the evening all musicians together with the visitors joined the music parade and moved to the town square to the stage in front of the town hall, where the festival went on. After the sunset a fire show crowned the festival.
Because the 1st Baraban Etnofest was successful, on 16 May 2009 the 2nd Baraban Etnofest took place. There were 14 choirs and music groups from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Latvia coming to Cvikov. The performances were hold on the grounds of the House of Culture again. There was also a music parade and playing on the town square including the fire show.
The festival is being organized by the burgher association Lusatia consort o. s. There is no entry fee, but the visitors are asked to give us a small contribution.