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This year´s 10th edition of Baraban Etnofest will take place on 2nd and 3rd June 17.
In 2016 the festival will take place on 20.-21. May.
23. 4. 13 - The csango ball, where you will have the possibility to learn some Hungarian dances, will take place on Friday at 6 p. m. in the House of Culture and on Saturday at 7 p. m. in the garden of the House of Culture.
And who can you hear this year on the festival ?
Lusatia consort - vocal and instrumental music group from the Cvikov music school
Lužánek - children´s choir from the Cvikov music school
Jääääär - music group from Cvikov playing music from medieval times, but also folk songs from different European countries
L´arrache coeur - drone music - instrumental unusual trio with hurdy-gurdy, accordion and bass clarinet
Monty - music showman from Brno, who is able to improve you mood, no matter how bad it is
Heřmánek - backpipers from Frýdlant
Horana - singer and gusle player from Pohronie with her 12-year-old son
Jana Bauerová - harp and vocal in Czech folklore, but also in e. g. music of Shetland and Mesopotamia
Polish children´s music group of historical music
Holloenék Hungarica - group of Hungarian men with backpipes 
Marek Ztracený with his band Ztracená kapela
You will also see :
Drummer workshop with Petr Dytrich
Csango dances with music accompaniment from a trio led by Judit Menyhért from Budapest
Closing of the exhibion of paintings from the Central American painter Tannya Badilla Solórzáno (Costa Rica) and artworks from Daniel Oslík
Fire show 
17. 4. 13 - Here you will find a short video and photos from the last year and we can also announce you, that the 6th Baraban Etnofest will take place from 17 to 18 May 2013.
Here You can find photos from the last Baraban Etnofest : and
In the section "Schedule" you can see the latest version of the schedule of the 4th Baraban Etnofest. 
6. 2. 11 - While preparations for the 4th Baraban Etnofest are going, you can look back to the past three years of our festival on
21. 1. 11 - The 4th Baraban Etnofest will take place from 3 to 4 June 2011. 
19. 5. 10 - The 3rd Baraban Etnofest has past. Despite of the bad weather we can consider this event as successful. We want to thank our sponsors and everybody, who has helped with the organisation of the festival. You can allready look at some photos from the 3rd Baraban Etnofest.
In the section "Schedule" you will find the final version of the schedule of the 3rd Baraban Etnofest. The festival allready starts on Friday, 14 May, and the main part of the festival takes place on Saturday, 15 May, all day long.
11. 4. 10 - The list of the music groups, which will participate on the 3rd Baraban Etnofest, has been completed. See "Schedule".
5. 2. 10 - On, you can see a short video from the last Baraban Etnofest. 
19. 1. 10 - Join us on facebook :
14. 1. 10 - Welcome to the web site of the Baraban Etnofest, that takes place in Cvikov (North Bohemia). We would like to invite you to the 3rd Baraban Etnofest on 15 May 2010. In the section "Schedule" you will find a list of the choirs and music groups, that have allready confirmed their participation.